About Kirk

Kirk Mullen has had thirty years of experience creating custom designs for unique tastes all across the country. In each of his projects he works with a small team of subcontractors that are committed to fulfilling his and his clients’ adventurous and creative visions. His team is now settled as a leading San Diego home remodeling & design company.

Throughout his career, Kirk has always gone against the grain. His creative mind draws inspiration from the minimalist philosophy of contemporary modern design, rather than ordinary fads or trends. His methods are not standardized, nor do they follow any particular norms. He happily allows the fresh perspective of his clients to help mold his personal vision, and guide him down new creative avenues.

While the clean lines and simple perfectionism of modern styles have been his passion for many years, he is always open to new and exciting ideas and does not limit himself to one particular category of design. What sets him apart from other designers of similar stature is his versatility to conform to a particular client’s visions rather than mainstream fads. Kirk believes in working with and learning from his clients throughout the process, while maintaining a focus on his goal of making people happy, all while creating what he loves.

His dreams have taken him to huge metropolis areas around the country, but his passions have found a home in San Diego. His current projects include designing many downtown high-rise apartments and condos in America’s Finest City and the surrounding areas. San Diego home remodeling and design is a competitive market, but Kirk's style has no competition. With perfectionism of craftsmanship, unique materials, elegant designs, and the most cutting-edge style, Kirk Mullen makes outlandish remodeling dreams a seemingly effortless reality.

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