When it comes to your home, you want only the best designers, the highest quality materials, and the most advanced craftsmanship. Building a house is one step in building a life, and with our experts, you can be a step closer to your future. Kirk Mullen Design is all about creating the individualized style that matches your unique personality, with the best craftsmanship.

One thing that truly sets us apart from other designers is our high quality craftsmanship. The cabinets we design and build stem from perfectionism, as well as pride in our work. Our designs are classically modern, and the sky is the limit. When you work with our team you have 100% control of cabinet work and style, since we design and craft each piece ourselves.

Our lighting styles are inspired by the versatility of each room in your home, we believe that the vibe of a room can be altered on a daily basis. We use specialized systems that use one-touch controls to establish the mood of a room in an instant. We create specific settings that you can select to alter the lighting of a room as your mood changes.

Good craftsmanship includes strict attention to detail, and a certain level of perfectionism. The use of high quality, lasting materials, such as metals, stainless steel, and floating glass is something that never goes out of style. We use only the best materials that are extremely versatile as your lifestyle and tastes change in the years to come.

To find a designer that shares your vision for style, and focuses on a high quality and versatile design for your home that is perfect, simple, and custom, request a consultation from Kirk Mullen Design today.