San Diego Interior Design

Designing your home should not only be about functionality, but also about creating an aesthetically pleasing environment you can appreciate for years to come. Whether you choose to build from scratch, remodel an existing location, or add accents to an already finished home, there are plenty of ways to showcase the creative aspects of your personality.

At Kirk Mullen we create unique and custom designs for modern home remodeling in San Diego, California. The trend in contemporary design focuses on the simplicity of materials, and showcases them through high quality craftsmanship. The balance between abstract artwork, creative accents and standard design has been in favor of excess in many modern homes, but we are tipping the scales in the other direction. Most San Diego interior designers follow these common trends, but at Kirk Mullen we see things differently. 

Open space is inviting and friendly, while simple shapes are beautiful in an effortless and uncomplicated way. Wooden cabinets and hallways can gleam with elegance without being adorned with fancy shapes and accessories. The natural beauty of marble does not need to be covered up, but rather displayed with pride. With such a great landscape of options in Southern California, San Diego interior design can pull many elements from nature, and incorporate these themes in a subtle and modern way. 

If you are interested in patterns and elegant designs, there are certainly places for them in your home. Smaller rooms such as bathrooms can benefit from elegant wall patterns, while larger rooms can seem smaller with dark wall colors.

Whether you have a vision in mind, or you are just playing around with the idea of modernizing your home, you are certain to find what you need by Kirk Mullen, a top San Diego interior designer. Browse our online portfolio for images of our past work, and to gather ideas for your dream home. Kirk Mullen is one of the most unique interior designers in San Diego; from design to craftsmanship we offer only the best in contemporary home design and remodeling.

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